Projects, programs, IT assets, products and other costs have one thing in common – these are strategic investments which influence your organization management success.

With the help of UMT360, ordinary project management is transformed into organization investment management. At first, by analysing the data of project management system, ineffective actions and manual work are removed, crucial financial data is gradually implemented. By doing so, a medium is created in which you are able to observe all projects taking place in the organization and their financial “health”. This transparent tool will provide you with valuable information for the evaluation of organizations investments and will allow to make more correct decisions. The main steps are:

  • Improvement of PPM efficiency – all project sources, financial data and optimized processes are consolidated.
  • Financial insights – a system is implemented with creates assumptions for making business decisions based on financial data.
  • Portfolio consolidation – investments into IT property (infrastructure, applications) are connected to the investment management system. This allows to evaluate all organizations investments as a whole.

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