Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Project Server are particularly flexible solutions for project portfolio management (PPM) and routine work that are simply implemented in an organization.

  • Microsoft Project Online is created on the basis of Cloud technology. Therefore, the responsible workers can access and manage project information from any location with internet access.
  • Microsoft Project Server is created on the basis of SharePoint technologies, which makes the project information easily accessed for workers inside the organization.

By choosing either of these tools, you will appreciate the received benefits and convenience:

  • Resource management. You will effectively manage project resources, monitor team actions and current and prospective use of resources.
  • Project visibility and reports. For the evaluation of project progress and condition, you will use exhaustive, easily read real time reports which you will be able to submit to project owners and teams.
  • Project consistency. You will observe the management of different projects of your subdivision or the whole organization and by coordinating them you will be able to more efficiently use and plan resources and budget.
  • Reduction of “bad” projects. You will create a system which allows to evaluate which projects are “good”, approve and finance them based on objective determined criteria.
  • Team collaboration and work distribution. The system improves the possibility of team collaboration, allows to effectively distribute tasks and assignments.


More details on Microsoft Project Online.
More details on Microsoft Project Server.

Contact us for a professional consultation on which tool suits your organization best.

In order for investments to bring maximum return, project management tools in your organization must be appropriately implemented.

We will help you to:

  • Evaluate the existing system, its configuration, assignments given to the system, fields to be replaced.
  • Select a tool that fits your organization best.
  • Carry out an assessment of system performance.
  • Fully or partly implement the system following your organization’s strategic goals and set of KPI’s.
  • We will train the workers of your organization to work with the system according to their roles in projects in order for the to obtain specific skills that meet your organization’s needs.
  • We will fully supervise the system: consult users, perform works of system development.

We are always on our client – your organization – side. Let’s start from a consultation: discuss your needs, challenges and their optimal and rational solutions.

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